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The name NeoLumo is comprised of two words: Neo (New) and Lumo (Light). Neolumo indeed brings new light into the skincare symbolically and literally, bringing new light of science & research , and harnessing the highly beneficial  natural LED lights and other technologies, coupled with synergistically matching creams & serums , to treat common skin concerns, such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and more.

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LED light therapy, originally developed by NASA for astronaut’s cell regeneration and growing plants in space, and then used by the health industry with a wide range of amazing benefits.

LED Light Therapy (Cleveland Clinic)

NeoLumo offers groundbreaking advances in facial treatments: NeoLumo Triple action Integrated Systems – pairing photon LED light waves and vibration technology with synergistically matching creams – targeting specific facial zones; NeoLumo Dynamic Anti-Aging Tech Therapy – combining the curative powers of LED light waves with additional proven effective technologies; NeoLumo Skincare Collection – formulated with the world’s best proven natural ingredients to fight against all factors that contribute to skin aging. NeoLumo is the perfect solution to all your skincare needs.

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neolumo power house
neolumo power house

With age, skin becomes drier and less elastic, increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen-rich support structure of the skin diminishes. Levels of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s most powerful natural hydrant, drop with age and skin becomes dryer. Aged skin is also more sensitive to the damages of ultraviolet (UV) sun and other environmental damage.

The NeoLumo Skincare Collection is formulated with the world’s best proven natural ingredients to fight against all factors that cause skin aging. This unique collection features 4 clinically proven highly effective ingredients that work in perfect synergy with one another, in any combination, to bring about an anti-aging powerhouse.

The premium NeoLumo® Electronic Units harness sophisticated photon LED technology
and many other significant skincare advances to target expression lines and wrinkles in
the face and neck areas. The many skincare benefits include:

  • Skin cells’ activation and rejuvenation
  • Boosting collagen to reduce wrinkles
  • Improving elasticity
  • Delivering active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin
  • Treating blemishes & uneven skin tone


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